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Become an IRIS Day Sponsor!

Our IRIS Day Sponsor Program is a wonderful way to honor or celebrate a special person or occasion. It is also a unique opportunity to share your connection to IRIS with our listeners. Day sponsors support an entire day of programming for more than 3,000 listeners across Iowa.

For a $100 contribution, IRIS Day Sponsors will receive:

   - Six personalized on-air announcements throughout your sponsored day.

   - Recognition through 2 posts on social media.

   - Recognition on the IRIS website, event calendar, newsletter and annual report.

   - If requested, IRIS will email an audio clip of the sponsor announcement to the sponsor.

   - A charitable contribution receipt.

Order your Day Sponsorship HERE

Day Sponsor Request Form

IRIS Day Sponsors CAN:

   - Celebrate a person.

   - Honor a milestone or accomplishment.

IRIS Day Sponsors CANNOT

      - Be anonymous. The name of the person, family or organization must be mentioned in the announcement.

      - Be promotional or contain a call to action.

      - Be used to promote a business.

      - Be used as an advocacy message.

      - Be used to express an opinion related to an item of public importance or interest.

      - Use first-person pronouns. (I, Me, We, Us, etc.) Messages must be written in the third person.

"I listen to IRIS every day. It means so much to be able to stay on top of all the news and health information." Mavis