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It's just that simple.

All IRIS listeners live with a disability. Most are seniors living on a fixed income. Though our listeners contribute as much as they can, the daily costs of transmission, equipment and programming are greater than listener donations alone can sustain.

We are so proud that we continue to provide all IRIS equipment and services to our listeners at no cost to them.

Why Now?

For years, IRIS operations were supported by federal dollars. Like so many organizations, that type of funding no longer exists. But the need for our services is still there - and growing. For the first time, we are funded entirely by contributions. We now look to the communities we serve to keep the Voices of IRIS on the air to over 3,000 listeners each day.

IRIS By the Numbers

    Programming: 24 hours per day - every day of the year.

    Coverage: Over 3,000 listeners statewide in hospitals, private homes and facilities.

    Volunteers: More than 400 volunteers reading from 7 IRIS locations.

    Access: Custom receivers, web stream, podcasts, mobile phones & mobile devices.

    Equipment Cost to IRIS: From $33 to $335 per listener depending on location.

    Equipment Cost to listeners: ZERO

    Programming Cost to IRIS: 13 cents per listener per day.

    Programming Cost to listeners: ZERO

How Can I Contribute?

Individual Contributions


Make a Secure Donation Online

Use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express

Click HERE

Over the Phone

Over the Phone

Call the IRIS office at 877-404-4747

We can take your information securely and confidentially

Mail Your Donation to IRIS

Mail your Donation to IRIS:

100 East Euclid Avenue - Suite 117

Des Moines, Iowa 50313

IRIS Legacy Society

Remember IRIS in Your Final Planning

Your legacy gift is an enduring testament to the future of IRIS

Click HERE

IRIS Underwriting

IRIS Underwriting Sponsorships

Support IRIS and tell our listeners about your business or organization.

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Contact IRIS

Office: 515.243.6833

Toll Free: 877.404.4747

Fax: 515.883.1906

Support IRIS

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Broadcast Partners

Link to Iowa Department for the Blind

Link to Iowa Public Radio Site

Link to Iowa Public Television Site

Spread the Word!

"I listen to IRIS every day. It means so much to be able to stay on top of all the news and health information." Mavis

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