Thursday, October 20
We’re Removing all barriers to LAUGHTER!

Join us for an all-access showing of The Princess Bride at the Hy-Vee Drive-In Theater at Valley West Mall. 

When people with vision or hearing disabilities go to a movie, they usually have to take extra steps to find devices or services to make the movie accessible for them. 

That’s why IRIS is teaming up with our sponsors to present a Drive-In Movie experience for the WHOLE COMMUNITY by broadcasting Audio Description and Closed-Captioning to the entire audience. 


But REGISTRATION IS REQUESTED so that we can configure the space for wheelchairs and accessible vehicles. 

Click HERE to Register

  • Hy-Vee Drive-In Theater at Valley West Mall
  • Gates Open at 5:30PM
  • Concessions Will Be Available
  • Audio: Your Car Radio or Portable FM Radio
  • We Even Have Accessible Porta-Potties! 
  • Program: 6:00PM – Movie Start: 6:20
  • Donations to IRIS will be Accepted (and APPRECIATED) at the event. 3

Accessible Movie Night Could Not Happen Without Our Sponsors!