The Voices of IRIS Depend on You!

All IRIS listeners live with a disability. Most are seniors living on a fixed income. Though our listeners contribute as much as they can, the daily costs of transmission, equipment and programming are far greater than listener donations alone can sustain. 

IRIS selects the most appropriate equipment to deliver our signal to each new listener. Based on location, it could be a $40 IRIS Radio or Amazon Echo Dot or $178 DTV Receiver. 

In 2020, we served 229 new listeners. 

What did we charge those listeners?


Complete one of the forms below to make your gift. You can choose a One-Time Contribution OR make things super simple and become a Friend of IRIS Monthly Donor! 


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IRIS 100 E. Euclid Avenue, Ste. 117 Des Moines, IA  50313

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Your legacy gift is an enduring testament to the future of IRIS.

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