AARP Report

The latest from the AARP. Sunday 7:30am & 4:30pm

Access Iowa (IRIS Original)

Information about blindness and living with vision loss. Tuesday 4pm

The American Past

In every episode, Dr. Calder Pickett examines a specific year of the 20th Century through oral history, music and sounds. Monday 12am – Saturday 11pm

Apple a Day

Latest developments in health and medicine from the Harvard Medical School Health Letters, New York Times health section, Prevention, and Voice of the Diabetic. Friday 2am – Saturday 12am – Saturday 3pm

Art Fare

Adventures in the worlds of theater, opera, music, dance and the visual arts. Sunday 3pm

At Home

Selections from Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Midwest Living, Yankee and more. Wednesday 1pm – Friday 8am

The Best of Wall Street Journal

Highlights from the previous week of Wall Street Journal editions. Sunday 1am

The Blind Handyman

Phil Parr and friends are living proof that being blind is no barrier to doing it yourself around the home. Wednesday 12am – Saturday 9pm


Reviews and previews from the New York Review of Books, the New York Times and the New York Times Book Review. Sunday 2pm

Business Commentary

News and opinions from business publications such as the Kiplinger Washington Letter, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and more. Tuesday 12am – Sunday 3am

Business Record (IRIS ORIGINAL)

Central Iowa’s source for business news. Monday 9:30pm – Friday 6:30am

Business Week

International business, financial and stock market news. Sunday 8am – Tuesday 1am


Readings from Central Iowa’s Alternative Newsweekly. Includes cover story, editorials, reviews and upcoming events. Monday 10pm – Wednesday 4pm – Sunday 11pm


National news magazines such as: Commentary, Washington Monthly, In These Times, The Nation, Washington Spectator, Wilson Quarterly, Reason, Utne Reader and more. Monday 1am to 5am

Consumer’s Advocate

Consumer information from Consumer’s Digest, Consumer Reports and other consumer publications. Thursday 12pm – Saturday 5am

Cover to Cover (IRIS ORIGINAL)

Entire books about Iowa or written by Iowans. Monday 6am – Friday 4pm – Sunday 12am

Diabetes News

Information about living with diabetes. Tuesday 4am & 8am

Disability Topics

Various selections from publications regarding disability access and information. Monday 8am – Thursday 3am

Fifty Something (IRIS ORIGINAL)

A monthly lifestyle magazine published by the Des Moines Register focused on issues of interest to Iowans over fifty years of age. Monday 9pm – Friday 6am

Golden Radio

Selections from the Golden Age of Radio. Thursday 9pm

Good Old Days

Focused on nostalgia through stories of the old days. Thursday 1am


Readings from Iowa publications like Iowa Outdoors, Iowa Source, The Iowan and others. Wednesday 6am – Saturday 4pm

In The Kitchen

Recipes and articles from Every Day with Rachel Ray Wednesday 8am – Tuesday 1pm

Inner Life

Embracing the human spirit while exploring the body/mind connection, holistic healing and spiritual growth. Sunday 5AM


Weekly news for military Iowans and their families – and readings from books about Iowans who have served. Monday 4pm – Saturday 8am


Each day at 8:58am

It Makes a Difference

National news related to vision loss from The ACB Report, The Braille Monitor, Future Reflections, Mouth, Mainstream and Braille Forum. Thursday 2am – Sunday 9pm

Magazine Picks (IRIS ORIGINAL)

Readings from a variety of current magazines each week. Tuesday 9pm – Sunday 1pm

Mail Order Catalogs

Shop the best of the mailbox each week. Sunday 6:30am – Thursday 3:30pm

Midweek Shopping Cart (IRIS ORIGINAL)

Weekly shopping program highlighting weekly specials from area retailers such as Hy Vee, Fareway, Walgreens, Younkers, and more. Wednesday 12pm & 9pm – Thursday 4pm

Money Matters

Personal finance information from Smart Money, Money, and USA Today Money section. Tuesday 3am – Thursday 4am – Friday 5am – Saturday 2pm

Mother Earth

Earth and environment news from Sierra, “E” The Environmental Magazine, Minnesota Volunteer and more. Wednesday 5am & 10pm

Multicultural Press

News from minority publications including Asian Pages, The Circle, American Jewish World, Insight News and more. Friday 12am – Sunday 4am – Saturday 12pm

National Enquirer

Entertainment news and gossip. Thursday 5am

National Geographic

Experience the ancient and modern wonders of the world through National Geographic. Tuesday 3pm

New York Times

Readings from the New York Times. Monday through Friday 2pm

New York Times Book Reviews

Reviews of recent releases and best sellers. Tuesday 5am


Top Stories from Newsweek Magazine Friday 10pm – Saturday 4am

Nothing But The Truth

Crimes and court cases straight from today’s headlines. Saturday 2am & 10pm

Old Friends

Retirement news from the AARP Newsletter and Magazine, Good Age, Minnesota Senior News and more. Thursday 12am – Wednesday 3am – Monday 1pm


Readings from O Magazine. Wednesday 3pm – Saturday 6am


Articles from the latest issue of People Magazine. Tuesday 12pm – Friday 1am

People’s Pharmacy

Health and pharmaceutical information for consumers of all ages. Tuesday 6am – Thursday 6am – Sunday 10pm

Pet Hour

Readings from Bark Magazine, Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy. Monday 12pm – Friday 3pm

Polk County Senior (IRIS ORIGINAL)

Articles from the Polk County Senior Bulletin – including lunch menus and upcoming events for the Polk County Senior Centers. Sunday 7am & 4pm

Readers Digest

Weekly readings from Readers Digest. Tuesday 10pm – Friday 12pm

Rolling Stone

The latest in music and entertainment. Wednesday 1am – Thursday 10pm

Science Hour

Science and technology news. Saturday 7am


Subjects from the world of science and history. Thursday 3pm – Sunday 2am

Sports Illustrated

Articles from the world of sports. Wednesday 2am – Friday 9pm

The New Yorker

Readings from The New Yorker Magazine. Wednesday 4am – Saturday 3am


Articles from Time Magazine. Thursday 1pm – Saturday 1am

To Your Health

Nutrition, diet and exercise tips and trends from Johns Hopkins Health After 50, Consumer Reports on Health, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes Self-Management and more. Friday 3am – 1pm

Wall Street Journal

Readings from the Wall Street Journal Monday through Friday – 7am

World Safari

Readings from Conde Nast Traveler, the Sunday New York Times Travel pages and other travel magazines. Monday 3pm – Tuesday 2am

Your Personal World

Readings from articles about inner development and growth. Thursday 8am – Saturday 1pm