IRIS Programming A to Z 

Ames Tribune

(58 Min) Monday through Friday 5:00PM

And With Your Spirits (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Wine, Spirits, Beer, Entertaining. Imbibe Magazine, Wine & Spirits, All About Beer and others.
Monday 11:00PM, Friday Midnight, Friday 12:30PM

Business Record (IRIS Original)

(58 Min) Weekly business journal serving Central Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor.
Tuesday 9:00PM, Wednesday 6:00AM, Thursday 4:00AM

Cedar Rapids Gazette

(58 Min) Daily at 8:00AM with local area receivers only.

Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil

(58 Minutes) Monday through Friday 3:00PM

City View (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Central Iowa’s Independent Newsmagazine. 
Wednesday 4:00PM, Friday NOON, Saturday 7:30PM

Connections (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Preventing Isolation, Promoting Independence. Interviews and information keeping our listeners safe, informed and connected.
Sunday 4:30PM, Sunday, 11:00PM, Saturday 4:00PM

Consumer News

(58 Min) Sunday 8:00AM, Tuesday 11:00PM, Friday 4:00AM

Cool Science (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Discovery, Science and Technology.
Sunday 11:30PM, Saturday 4:30PM, Saturday Midnight 

Cover to Cover

(58 Min) Non-fiction written by or about Iowans. 
Sunday Midnight, Friday 4:00PM, Saturday 5:00AM


(28 Min) Anything with wheels! American Iron, Street Rodder, Hagerty, Car and Driver.
Monday 11:30PM, Friday 12:30AM

DayBreak (IRIS Original)

(52 Min) Helping you get your day started! Inspiration, nutrition, attitude, exercise and guided movement.
Monday through Friday 7:00AM

Des Moines Register

(3 hours) The Newspaper Iowa Depends On.
Daily 9:00AM, 6:00PM, 1:00AM

Dubuque Telegraph Herald

(58 Min) Monday through Friday 2:00PM

Diabetes News

(28 Min) Information, tips, advice and news for managing diabetes.
Tuesday 8:30AM

Farm and Table (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Farming, food and the business of agriculture. Successful Farming, Mother Earth News, Modern Farmer, Progressive Farmer.
Sunday 7:30AM, Wednesday 4:30PM, Saturday 7:00AM

Forbes & Fortune

(58 Min) Articles and news on wealth management, finances.
Sunday 5:00PM, Thursday 11:00PM, Tuesday 4:00AM

Fort Dodge Messenger

(58 Min) Daily at 8:00AM with local area receivers only.

Golden Radio

(58 Min) Classic Old Time Radio Shows. 
Thursday 9:00PM, Tuesday Midnight

Impact (IRIS Original)

(58 Min) Interviews with changemakers in Central Iowa. 
Sunday 2:00PM, Thursday NOON, Saturday 6:00AM

In Focus (IRIS Original)

(58 Min) Iowa Source, Iowa Outdoors, Iowa History Journal, Our Iowa.
Sunday 1:00PM, Tuesday 4:00PM, Friday 6:00AM

In the Kitchen

(58 Min) Cooking Tips, Trends and Recipes. 
Wednesday 8:00AM, Friday 5:00AM, Saturday 1:00PM

Iowa Salute (IRIS Original)

(58 Min) Non-fiction written by or about Iowans in the Military.
Monday 4:00PM, Saturday 8:00AM, Wednesday 4:00AM

Mason City Globe Gazette

(58 Min) Daily at 8:00AM with local area receivers only.

MidWeek Shopping Cart (IRIS Original)

(58 Min) Grocery Ads and Coupons. Hy Vee, Fareway, Aldi, Price Chopper and various retail ads.
Wednesday Noon, Wednesday 9:00PM, Thursday 4:00PM

National Geographic Magazine

(28 Min) Reading of articles from recent issue.
Friday 8:30AM, Saturday 10:00PM

New Yorker

(58 Min) Monday 9:00PM, Thursday 6:00AM, Saturday 11:00PM

Newsweek Magazine

(58 Min) Saturday NOON, Sunday 10:00PM, Tuesday 5:00AM

New York Times

(58 Min) Monday through Friday 1:00PM

Oprah Magazine

(58 Min) Sunday 5:00AM, Sunday 3:00PM, Wednesday 11:00PM

Our Planet (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Environment, Recycling, Ecology, Energy.
Sunday 12:30PM, Tuesday 8:00AM, Saturday 12:30AM

People Magazine

(58 Min) Sunday 7:30AM, Wednesday 4:30PM, Saturday 7:00AM

People’s Pharmacy

(58 Min) Wednesday 5:00AM, Sunday 6:00AM, Saturday 3:00PM

Pet Hour

(58 Min) Dogster, Bark, Catster, Modern Dog/Cat, Animal Wellness.
Monday 4:00AM, Monday NOON, Thursday 5:00AM

Polk County Senior (IRIS Original)

(28 Min) Aging, Lunch Menus and Polk County News. Polk County Senior Bulletin, Aging Gracefully, AARP, Polk County Newsletters.
Sunday 7:00AM, Sunday 4:00PM, Friday 8:00AM

Readers Digest

(28 Min) Sunday Noon, Thursday 8:00AM, Monday 12:30AM

Rolling Stone

(58 Min) Saturday 9:00PM, Friday 11:00PM

Sioux City Journal

(58 Min) Daily at 8:00AM with local area receivers only.


(28 Min) Monday Midnight, Monday 8:30AM, Thursday 8:30AM

Sports Illustrated

(58 Min) Tuesday 6:00AM, Thursday Midnight, Friday 9:00PM

The Week

(58 Min) Saturday 5:00PM, Sunday 4:00AM, Wednesday Midnight

Time Magazine

(58 Min) Saturday 4:00AM, Sunday 9:00PM, Monday 5:00AM

Wall Street Journal

(58 Min) Monday through Friday 10:00PM

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

(58 Min) Daily at 8:00AM with local area receivers only.


(28 Min) Monday 8:00AM. Saturday 10:30PM